Yesterday -- Tuesday, 2/8/2022 -- I awoke with a brain already in gear composing an email to a friend who had the day before described his mood to me. Here is that email, and I'll reproduce here only the body of the message:

"I've identified the vague elusive atmosphere of drifting and malaise you've been describing to me: we are in Hell on Earth. This is it. This is the real thing, here and now. And if this is Hell, then our leaders, who are running things, must then by implication be identified as the Children Of Darkness. Which gives us slobs the job of being the Children of Light.

"Small children in surgical masks for most of their day away from home. Protesting truckers in Ottawa having donated fuel and food confiscated by the city police. Aldous Huxley and George Orwell would have instantly recognized it, but we're not that sharp."


Posted Wednesday night, February 9th, 2022