It would be foolish of the criminal camarilla in and around the White House, who have the dotard in residence there under their thumb, not to wait as long as possible prior to Nov. 2022 before scrapping the filibuster and then bulldozing the For The People Act into law. No sense in giving the opposition extra time to foment unhappiness across these broad fruited plains.

To institute their -- perhaps interim? -- goal of near-martial law they are going to have to finesse as many domestic meltdowns as possible in order to really get the mileage they seek out ot their implementation of the Insurrection Act, which is one of the things that will, per the title of these few thoughts, "happen."

The principal hot-button conflicts the faux and real communists in the government hope to parlay into a massive take-over of raw power are, of course, the crisis at the border, and the coming crisis over the constantly developing public exposure of the recent political crime of the century, the election of Nov. 2020.

At the border it is much more clear how an escalation into armed conflict will occur, and that is what Biden and gang are praying for: "Oh please, let these "patriots" just once -- that's all we ask -- begin to shoot at us. Please!" You will see the Insurrection Act come into force so fast it will make your head spin. The criminal malfeasance on display in respect of the situation at the border is not a failure of the regime; it is their precise intention. The more horrific they manage by sleight of hand and simple lying to make the border zone the more likely it will be that shots will be fired at some point.

As the drumbeat swells for more and more state forensic audits (of the Nov. 2020 vote tallies), which are not going the White House thugs' way so far, the opposition to the For The People Act may reach explosive proportions locally, say, over policing of the no-voter-ID provision, or around demonstrations against the pathetically unconstitutional proscription against legal challenges to the provisions -- remember, at this stage of the game they will be STATUTES -- of S. 1. The crowd violence that may result will make Jan. 6th look like what it actually was: child's play.

Look for "our" Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to play ever more high profile roles in the coming totalitarian crackdown. Fomenting grass-roots violence in order to "justify" wildly over-reaching armed state repression has been a staple of totalitarian-revolutionary thought since the early Anarchists hoped one big explosion could wreak chaos sufficient to trigger "spontaneous" uprising and revolt. And the new Dem's in Congress have done their homework; federal armed incursions into corners of the Public Square could become commonplace. The DOJ now has what amounts to a legacy of co-opting the historical peace-keeping roles of local and state police organizations. Obama and the running dog thug Holder saw to that quite nicely thank you.

To pilfer a line from the late, great Paul Harvey, "and now you know the rest of what is going to happen.